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April 5, 2013
Firehouse Pride

This page and the other pages in this series are the successors to the series of web-page about the Camden Fire Department that began with the page Camden Fire Department: The Fires of the Summer of 2011. On this and other pages in the series you will find pictures and information regarding different events and aspects of the fire service in Camden, New Jersey. 

In 1899 the Town of Stockton voted to unite with Camden, bringing the areas north of the Cooper River, known in our time as Cramer Hill and East Camden, into the city. Stockton had been served by five volunteer fire companies who remained in service until a new firehouse for Camden's professional fire department at North 27th and Federal Street. A new police station was also erected of Federal Street, next to the firehouse.

When the new firehouse was built, a marble plaque naming those involved with procuring, designing, and erecting the building was mounted on the wall near the door that opens onto North 27th Street. The plaque hung there for many years, until it was taken down during a remodeling project in the latter decades of the 1900s. The plaque, which is quite heavy, was taken down to the basement of the firehouse, and over the years was forgotten. In the early 2010s a fireman stationed at the eastside firehouse found the plaque in the basement. It was leaning against a wall and would ordinarily have gone unnoticed save for the curiosity of the gentleman involved. I was told about this at the time, taken down into the basement and shown the plaque, and agreed with the men who showed it to me..... my apologies on this, as I think I know who it was but cannot swear to it... that the plaque should be remounted so all could see it.

The men and women of Engine Company 9's and Ladder Company 3's Fourth Platoon pooled there resources and had the plaque cleaned and restored by a local granite monument company. Battalion Chief Frank Sandrock Sr. used gold leaf paint to highlight the letters. On April 5, 2013 the plaque was mounted on the west wall of the  station, for all to see.

I was not able to be present when the plaque was actually mounted, but I did get to the firehouse about an hour later, and took the picture below. The pictures of the plaque being mounted were taken by Firefighter Javier Torres.

Phil Cohen
April 26, 2013


Joseph Potter - Fred W. George - Charles H. Ellis - Arthur C. Abele
H.D. Longacre - Walter Edwards - W.K. Burrough - Theodore Leas
Harry C. Kramer - Samuel S. Elfreth - Arnold H. Moses
Turner & Stewart (Frank Turner & Charles L. Stewart)

Phil Tally - Jon Martin - Agripino Figueroa Phil Tally

Phil Tally - Javier Torres
Jon Martin - Agripino Figueroa
Jon Martin - Javier Torres
Agripino Figueroa
Phil Tally - Jon Martin
Javier Torres

Battalion Chief Frank Sandrock Sr. - Caotain Agripino Figueroa
Phil Tally - Javier Torres - Jon Martin
Julio Ramos - Luis Sanchez - Juan Figueroa


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